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Balestri Architects seeks an honest and modern architecture derived directly from its program, context, and materials. In lieu of subscribing to fleeting style or fashion, the firm aspires to deliver thoughtful and original design solutions that express a powerful sense of humanism through a rational approach to construction. Proportion, scale, materiality and light are universal components of design, and their successful synthesis is achieved through an intensive collaboration with clients and consultants.

Each project starts with a deep understanding of our client’s needs to motivate and guide the design’s physical and emotional expression. We believe that the value of good design is not dependent on the scale, cost, or complexity of the project, but in its adherence to a strong set of meaningful concepts. Good design is also accountable to its community and the environment, and we work to incorporate the latest building practices and technology to fulfill these responsibilities.


Balestri Architects is a complete service architectural design and consultation practice based in Princeton, NJ, with experience in residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Our services are customized to the specific needs of our clients, and we offer a comprehensive design process that collaborates with the client from initial feasibility studies through final construction.

We are experts in dealing with the unique challenges of custom construction and have collaborated with many of the area’s top consultants, fabricators, and contractors to achieve the best possible results for your project. Our services are customized to the specific needs of our clients, and we feature a comprehensive fixed fee process that can shepherd your project from initial feasibility and concept design, past building, and municipal approvals, through contractor selection and final construction.

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Carlo Balestri

Carlo Balestri is the founder of Balestri Architects, established in 2010. Mr. Balestri received his Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University (1996) and his Master of Architecture from Columbia University (2000).

Prior to establishing Balestri Architects, Mr. Balestri was a senior associate at Richard Meier & Partners, where he led the design of several high-profile projects, most notably the Bodrum Houses projects in Bodrum, Turkey, and the Parkhouse Harumi Towers for Mitsubishi Inc. in Tokyo. Mr. Balestri has also worked at Skidmore Owings & Merrill on commercial development projects in Europe and several institutional projects, including the award-winning Burr Street Public Elementary School in Connecticut.

Mr. Balestri is a registered architect in the states of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and NCARB certified.

Balestri Architects
910 Stuart Road
Princeton, NJ 08540