West Park Residence

Ulster County, New York

A unique site offering spectacular views of the Hudson River serves as the “launching point” for this new two-story private residence.

Built over the existing foundation of the original residence, the main living area is re-oriented to the northern and eastern views overlooking the river. A natural clearing in the woods has been re-landscaped with a folding plane of grass to provide a gently sloping yard that integrates seamlessly with the existing topography.

The new structure provides a simple layout, with an open plan double-height living area, four bedrooms and a study area. Natural light and ventilation permeate each space through a sophisticated operable metal and glass skin with retractable exterior fabric shades.

A dramatic sculpted roof provides a counter to the strict plan organization and works with the subtle folds of the grass yard below. The cantilevered roof plane directs the eye towards the river view as one approaches the house, offers solar shading to the main living room, and provides an ideal platform for the active solar energy system on its surface.